Gefell UMT800 FET
Large diaphragm transformerless multi-pattern studio microphone

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  • Multi-pattern large diaphragm
  • Original M7 capsule
  • Impressive dynamic handling

    Optional Accessories:
  • Shock mount: EA92
  • Swivel adaptor: MH80

The Microtech Gefell UMT800 FET large diaphragm condenser microphone combines the legendary M7 capsule with a symmetrical, transformerless pre-amp for exceptional detail and reach. Five polar patterns may be selected on the UMT 800: omnidirectional, wide cardioid, cardioid, hyper-cardioid and figure-8. In addition, there is a 10 dB attenuator pad and bass roll-off pad. Incorporating a low noise FET capsule amplifier, the Gefell UMT800 produces an exceptionally well-balanced response curve, with high sensitivity and extremely high headroom. 

Considered Gefell's most flexible microphone, the UMT-800 is great for voice, solo instruments, choral, orchestral and broadcast where a clear sound with minimal coloration and added articulation is required. Exceptional 149dB handling coupled with low self-noise also makes the Gefell UMT 800 an ideal choice for foley stages and location sound in film, television and live sound stages where source material is infinite and a single mic solution is required. The Microtech Gefell UMT 800 is pictured with optional EA92 shockmount.

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